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About Jo

About Jo

Jo RobertsI initially studied sport science at University because of my involvement and passion for sports, but due to my natural eagerness to help others I was encouraged to pursue a career as a Physio. Since qualifying in 2004 I have been lucky enough to combine my work with my other passion in life, travelling. I’ve spent time working in Australia, New Zealand and China gaining experience in many different fields of Physiotherapy and working with some amazing Therapists. Along the way, I have developed into a Therapist whose focus is very much patient-led, so much so that I’ve frequently been pulled up on asking too many questions and not all Physio-related ones, but that just stems from a keen interest I have in people. I like to think my biggest attributes are in empathising, problem solving and inspiring change, but most importantly listening well to others which I feel is paramount to getting people better.

Alongside my Physio work I’ve also invested a lot of time using Clinical Pilates, both Mat-Work and equipment based, to either rehabilitate someone from injury or surgery, or to avoid problems arising and promote well-being. I’m passionate about Clinical Pilates after seeing so many people benefit so greatly from it. I especially love my job when I finish a session with someone and they leave feeling inspired.

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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is about helping people of all ages achieve their maximum potential through movement and function. It is the treatment and prevention of pain, injury or disability through exercise, hands-on therapy, advice and education.

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Common Conditions

An Osteopath can treat a wide range of conditions with Joint Manipulation, Massage, Stretches and Exercises tailored to the patient. Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Arthritic Pain, General Joint Pain and Muscle Tension/Spasm are some of the conditions treated.

Why choose Us?

What to expect on your first visit

Your osteopath may spend from 45 minutes to an hour with you on your first appointment. This allows ample time to get to know you, understand your complaint, ascertain enough information to form a diagnosis and begin to treat your condition.