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Pippas Ponderings… Shockwave Therapy

So what have been the banes of my osteopathy career so far? As geeky as this may sound, it has to be the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, hamstring tendinopathy, shoulder impingement and patella tendonitis. If I ever think a patient may have any of these conditions, my heart sinks a little. […]

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What is an Osteopath?

When people ask what we do, the term ‘Osteopath’ generates a variety of responses. Some raise an eyebrow and ask what an Osteopath is, some respond with “So…like a Chiropractor?!” some say “Is that a bone doctor?” but the most common response is “Ahhhh you treat backs!” Essentially yes, we are very similar to Chiropractors, […]

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Steve McMullen

Our new therapist – Steve McMullen

We’re very happy to announce that we have hired our very first associate Osteopath. Steve McMullen is available to book now via our website and is sure to be a fantastic addition to our team. Steve has a broad scope of interests. He enjoys riding motorcycles, so much so that he took one around South […]

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Why do my joints and muscles ache more in the winter?

Christmas is here, the cold has well and truly set in and it’s time to wrap up warm and take stock in preparation for the year ahead. But as much as we’re torn between snuggling up in-front of the fire, and the urge to get up and go after our over indulgent and sloth-like states […]

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